How to Update AOL Mail Settings?

AOL is one such email service that is known for offering customized email services. AOL has some of the great in-built features or you can customize this email client in the way you want. There are so many options that can be used the way you want to use them for your AOL account. In order to update the settings of your AOL account, you can reach out to the technicians at AOL Support Number +1(800)279-1380. They will make you understand about using the email settings in an easy way.

AOL Customer Service Number

Given below is a detailed guide on how you can make changes in the settings of your AOL account-

Updating AOL email settings

Follow the steps given below to update the email settings for AOL account:

        Sign into your AOL mail account first and foremost.
        Check the option ‘Mail Settings’ under your username.
        Next, you will see the settings tab which can be managed the way you want it.

      Updating General Settings

Under the General Setting section, the following things can be managed:

        Today on AOL- You can use this section to organize things like latest news, unread messages and other mail tips are provided there.

        Display of Sender Name- Here you can decide whether you want to show your name or only the email address.

        Reading- Here you can decide how you want your emails to show up.

        New Mail- Manage the sound for incoming emails.

        Auto Sign Off- Using the Auto Sign Off option will let your account automatically sign off after a period of time.

        Contacts- You can decide how you want to display your contacts.
Click on save after making the required changes. If you face any difficulty, reach out to the AOL Customer Service Number.

      Updating Compose Settings

You can make the following changes in the settings of ‘Compose’ section of AOL account:

        Cc/Bcc- You can display or hide this section if you want.

        Default Compose Mode- Decide how you want to display your compose screen.

        Rich Text/HTML- You can create a signature and use rich text/HTML to change the font and color.

        Display Name- Here you can enter the name you want to display while sending an email.

All these options can be used to make changes in the settings of your AOL account. It is the main benefit of using AOL account that you can personalize anything and everything you want. For those who need help regarding their account, it is advised to give a call at the AOL Toll Free Number. The tech professionals will help you with all the problems you encounter with this email client. They are available 24*7 and you will never have to wait for the right solution when you get in touch with us.


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